Hello Friends!
Freckle (FRKL) is an Algorand Standard Asset (ASA) or simply put, digital token. This site offers an auction, games, tools to support other ASA owners, and is an experimental playground. We are here to have fun and explore digital trading. Everyone should get some and play around.

This site is functionally in development. Call it beta if you will.


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Old Freckle

Project Tasks event_note

The future hasn't changed, it's just taking a while to get there. This is the current focus...
  1. Converting the site into more of an app
    1. I didn't have plans to do this originally, but I believe this is the future.
  2. Get Lucky Freckles playing again
    1. get working with the new app
  3. Focus on smart contracts and get some things rolling/converted

Last Modified: 05/09/2022